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To find out more about sustainable brands, companies and influencers, check out these Instagram accounts below

Content collected by Ellen Pucel


Actor Jane Fonda is well-known for her work in sustainability activism. She participates frequently in protests that advocate for action on climate change, and at the age of 82, she has said she will no longer purchase any new clothing items again.


The Sustainable Fashion Forum incorporates new content, video and stories highlighting various issues surrounding the fashion industry and culture while also offering ways to change buying habits.


Patagonia aims to create clothing and equipment for outdoor activities. The brand consistently spreads awareness about the changing state of our ecosystem and aims to educate consumers on what they can do to help. Additionally, Patagonia offers a lifetime warranty and is offering to repair rips and tears to encourage the cycle of sustainability.

This online store sells eco-friendly products, including a variety of brands to shop from that offer sustainable kitchen and bathroom supplies and a variety of alternative food choices that are beneficial for the planet.


This London-based clothing brand does its part to combat climate change. It has a strong mission statement pledging to only incorporate sustainable fabrics within their clothing and products. Along with clean fabrics, it participates indirect change, such as planting or restoring one tree for every product purchased.


As consumers start to look for new ways to shop vintage and buy secondhand clothing, check out Rent The Runway, an online shopping platform that allows customers to swap, buy and rent clothing that has been worn before. Consumers can sign up for a subscription and rent clothes on a monthly basis, which helps encourage the continuous cycle of wearing secondhand clothing.


Actor Emma Watson created a separate Instagram account for others to follow that promotes sustainable brands that she has worn herself or recently learned about. Watson uses this platform to share her views on sustainability in the fashion industry and encourage others to follow along and listen closely.


This shoe company strives to be transparent to the public with its mission and supply chain methods. It has started “project transparency,” where it answers all questions consumers may have about the brand, such as how its shoes are made and what materials are used.


This international magazine about sustainable fashion features stories about new eco-designs, vegan fashion and sustainable-friendly designers. Additionally, it includes a multimedia design platform to increase awareness and education about issues related to fashion and waste.

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