Pause That, Play This

Top Four Podcasts for Quarantine

Curated by Lizzy Stein

If the pause of COVID-19 has left anything on play it’s this: podcasts. While some keep a strict rewind of classics, others seek to fast-forward, venturing to unchartered artists, influencers and experts. Here are the top four podcasts to play now:

For the fame fanatics:

Armchair Expert

Dedicated to honoring the “messiness of being human,” this podcast celebrates individuality and innovation through a fresh lens. Actor Dax Shepard relays struggle, strength and success in ways we can all connect to, successfully branding him the “Armchair Expert.”

 Where to start: “Jon Bon Jovi” 

For the newsless newsies: 

The Daily

If you’re going to start your day off with anything, make it this. Timed perfectly with your morning brew, “The Daily” serves the hardest scoop in the easiest way. Host and journalist Michael Barbaro is sure to deliver all today’s facts and more before you even walk out your door.  

Where to start: “What Happened to Daniel Prude?”

For the hopeless romantics:

Why Won’t You Date Me? 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who’s asked myself this question. Dumping relationship books and deleting dating apps, I was hopeless — until I came across Nicole Byer. Bringing her humor and wit, Byer never fails to answer the question we’ve all been itching at: Why won’t you date me?

Where to start: “Rock Bottom”

For the CSI bingers:

The Murder Squad

Grab your trench coat and badge as you ride with retired cold-case investigator Paul Holes and investigative journalist Billy Jensen in a hands-on attempt to solve the greatest of unsolved murder mysteries. Warning: not for those prone to nightmares. 

Where to start: “What Happened to Carole Baskin’s Husband Don Lewis?”