Which Workspace Are You?

COVID-19 has completely changed the classroom and workplace. We spend so much time at our desks lately, and even when we’re “together” virtually, we have no idea what’s behind the computer. Here’s a look at how people are designing their workspaces — simplistic, messy, decorated, cluttered or practical, our desks now have increased relevance and renewed importance. Hover over each photo to see which study space most closely matches your own!

Content by Brighid Hartnett

The Sentimentalist:

You like a workspace that reminds you of your favorite people and memories — embellish your desk with pictures and mementos to ease some of the work-from-home stress.

The Minimalist:

Clean and simple — you keep the clutter and distractions to a minimum. Your productivity is off the charts!

Organized Chaos:

Your desk might be a little jumbled, but it works for you! There’s a method to your mess, and you’ve got everything you need in your home office.

The Practical Worker:

Ever the planner, your workspace involves a whiteboard to jot down quick thoughts and the latest to-do list. Keep up the hard work!

The Motivator:

With your calendar front and center, you're always looking ahead to motivate yourself for the next deadline. Everybody’s working for the weekend, especially you.

Natural Light Lover:

Your days are made easier with an outside view — with the sun streaming in, you’re recharged every morning and ready to tackle the day.

Pinterest Perfection:

Who said working from home can’t be aesthetically pleasing? With curated decor and some motivational quotes, your workspace looks to be out of a magazine.

The Goal-Setter:

Benchmarks keep you inspired — that’s why you've got notes, posters and reminders in front of you to keep your eyes on the prize.

Sprawled Study Space:

Your desk is covered with all your notebooks, pens and other office supplies. Take up the space, you need it!